ICDF Refresh

ICDF Refresh has been founded specifically with the vision to build connections between Christian dancers in their teens and 20s all over the world. We are all part of ICDF (International Christian Dance Fellowship) and part of their vision but have a specific focus on developing the next generation of leaders.

The ICDF community is international, non-denominational and multicultural, it embraces all ages, is open to all styles of dance and cuts across all training and abilities. The ICDF is a community with the vision of making new connections and creating spaces for the diversity among the members and friends of the organisation.

On the 10th of July we have our launch event. We have 2 sessions to encompass as many time zones as possible. The sessions will have the same content with opportunities to hear about the vision of Refresh, worship and pray together, meet new people and have your input on the next steps.